Education is the best means of creating economic and social prosperity for societies in emerging and developing countries.

Mortaza Nawroz is a visionary with a high level of social competence who, orients himself to social realities, while always thinking outside the box. His aspirations include helping the needy, through channeled education and entrepreneurship programs.

Kabul/ Afghanistan 2006

Community Service / Social Entrepreneurship

Already during his studies in the field of communication design in Hamburg, Mortaza Nawroz founded the non-profit organization, Visions for Children e.V., together with Naim Akbarzadah. His visit to Afghanistan, where he was appalled by the learning conditions in schools, served as a trigger for the founding of this organization, which is registered in Hamburg, Germany.

The work of Visions for Children focuses, in particular, on improving learning conditions and the quality of education in schools in crisis zones and war zones. Their young and diverse team consists mainly of voluntary members as well as employees in leading positions.


Visions for Children e.V. now operates not only in Afghanistan, but in a number of other countries. Since 2017, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has also been supporting the association. Ambassadors, such as German Celebrities, have helped spread global awareness of the organization’s missions. New and on-going projects are underway in Afganistan as well as in Togo, Uganda, Sri Lanka and in the form of integration assistance in Germany.