Mortaza Nawroz is a business consultant and scaleup enthusiast. Professionally, he believes that the right combination of people, technology and creativity is the key to developing strategies and concepts for tomorrow's world.

Mortaza is a people person with the ability to function effectively across different cultures in an increasingly globalised world.

His travels to the Middle East for the past 18 years has made him very familiar with the cultural traditions there. He partner with leaders to accelerate growth, build businesses and organizations, and support young talent.

Mortaza collaborates with established companies and supports them in the areas of general management consulting, technology and marketing services.

He has helped develop innovative solutions that have changed the lives of people through guided, dynamic growth. Mortaza speaks several languages and works with clients in foreign markets as well.


For a plethora of international luxury hotels, Mortaza has provide consultant in the hospitality sector, successfully offering advice and solutions for exclusive clients in the Middle East. He has served members of the royal family as well celebrity guests. In the spirit of global entrepreneurship, he has worked across the globe in Berlin, Munich, Zurich, London, Paris and the GCC.

In addition to self-awareness, Mortaza believes a positive mindset, self-image and mindful and conscious lifestyle are of great importance.

Reading, walking, boxing, strength-training and gratitude are panaceas for Mortaza in any crises, big or small.